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Supercharge Your Caesar With World's Best Caesar Elixirs

Your taste buds will thank you!


Are you looking to add a little more spice to your Caesar or Bloody Mary? Need something special that can tickle your crazy taste-buds? Want to heat up your Caesar Sunday or should we say everyday?

Give a warm welcome to Walkers OneShot Premium hand-crafted Caesar elixirs. Stacked with herbs and spices, and all jam packed into a perfect glass of goodness. Awesome, eh? To complete the drink, all you need is your Clam Juice and vodka (Spirit not always required) to make the best, easiest and most flavourful consistent tasting Caesar - EVERY TIME!

Feel the awesomeness of an amped up Canadian Caesar or Bloody Mary Cocktail and have a perfect taste every time, in no time.

It's our zesty, fresh and unmatchable flavor. Available in convenient pack sizes, we have something for everyone. No matter if you love extra spicy goodness or just a mild, we are going to surpass your expectations. Everything we make is exceptional and is going to give you that extra zest you've been craving for. Right from smoked salts, pepper, herbs and more, we select everything carefully to make sure you have that perfect blend of flavour when you indulge in that first cold sip of your Caesar or Bloody Mary.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

All our products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any of our products fail to match your expectations, you will be provided with a 100% Credit towards another one of WALKERS product. So, you have nothing to lose!

Buy with confidence! This is the time to kick up your Caesar. If you are a Caesar Crazy, just like us, let's have a perfect shot!